AETRL deals in Geospatial Solutions with turn-key solutions for the survey works, Remote Sensing & GIS, LIDAR Data Processing & Mapping,

Our vast experience and innovations have allowed us to expand into a new era by offering leading- edge technological services in serving our customers in preparation of contour and spatial maps, cadastral maps, thematic maps, land use and land cover maps and maps for host industries such as mining, utility sector, agriculture, petroleum pipelines, town planning etc.

We offer GIS related services in following fields:

  • DEM Generation from Stereo Images e.g. Cartosat/Digital Photgrammetric And Lidar Data
  • Land-Use/Land-Cover Mapping
  • Field Survey using GPS And DGPS
  • Development of Web Based GIS Services
  • Vector Database Generation from Satellite Imageries
  • Satellite Image Processing
  • Geo-Referencing/Ortho-Rectification
  • Images Classification
  • Mapping