AETRL is committed to provide essential analytical tools for qualitative and quantitative assessment of environmental parameters to help the clients to fulfil their regulatory requirements and project needs. AETRL provide services in an array of environmental monitoring & analysis services that include Air & noise monitoring, water/wastewater monitoring drinking & ground water monitoring, waste characterization, evaluation & assessment of ETP/STPs etc.

Chemical Laboratory

AETRL has a separate Chemical laboratory to analyses the physico-chemical parameters associated to air, water, soil and wastes characterization. Laboratory has wide range of chemical glassware and infrastructure required for a sophisticated lab. Lab also maintained and stored the reagents as per their specification and requirement.

Instrumentation Laboratory
Laboratory has all the required and essential instruments and characterization and quantification of polluting agents. AETRL is fully equipped with the latest, modern and sophisticated instruments with highly configured and specific software.

Microbiology & Biological Laboratory
AETRL is competent in performing advanced microbial tests, routine quality control, minimum inhibitory concentration. Lab is also having excellent facilities for biomonitoring and biodiversity assessment.

Special Facilities Available:

Sophisticated Instrument:

Chemical Laboratory:

Other Facilities: