AETRL has successfully conducted several water quality monitoring and Limnological studies in last one decade. The qualitative and quantitative data of various physico-chemical and biological parameters are significant for characterization of water ecosystem and any changes and alterations due to any unsystematic development processes influence the water quality. Urban water bodies are also facing several problems due to various anthropogenic stresses. Generally, the urban water aquatic system is strongly influenced by long term discharge of untreated domestic waste water, storm water runoff and direct inflow of solid wastes. Pollution received from point and nonpoint sources have great impact on water, sediments quality and aquatic flora and fauna along with food webs. Sediment in particular, is integral and inseparable components of the aquatic environment that plays a very important role in ecosystem dynamics and any change due to pollution load have a definite impact on the entire natural aquatic system.

Successful Assignment: 

  • Water Quality Assessment for Kodaikanal Lake, Tamil Nadu
  • Water Quality Assessment for Kolavoy lake, Tamil Nadu
  • Water Quality and Limnological study of Mokokchung Lake, Nagaland
  • Water Quality and Limnological study of Dimapur Lakes, Nagaland
  • Water Quality Assessment of Dhansiri and Dipu River, Nagaland
  • Water Quality and Limnology of Bhindwas Wetland, Haryana
  • Water Quality and Limnology of Wetlands Located in Karnataka
  • Water Quality and Limnology of Ranital, Madhya Pradesh
  • Water Quality Monitoring of Chambal River, Madhya Pradesh
  • Water Quality Assessment of Purulia Lake, West Bengal